What do you get when you take the sound and storytelling prowess of a southern-style Led Zeppelin, add to it a swampy version of Soundgarden, throw in the hypnotic eerie sounds of a Muscle Shoals waterfront and lace it with hard-rock vocals or a powerful gospel choir? In theory, you get a new style and sound unto itself that captures you in a way you haven’t been caught before.

“In Theory” is a shape-shifting rock blues band, a collaborative group with two key players—Mike Mostert and Tony Covino. The two have known each other for decades—both originally from New York, where Covino still lives, while Mostert currently splits his time between Los Angeles and Muscle Shoals, AL. Mostert has an eclectic music background. He plays on and produces all the band’s songs, laying down guitar licks in swampy blues and hard rock, adding in techno (for certain mood-setting sounds) or whatever else is necessary—running with instinct, doing what comes to mind and going wherever a song lures him to go. Covino brings ‘the voice’ that commands attention in the band’s songs with a somber despair and resounding rage reminiscent of Soundgarden’s Chris Cornell. The pairing of Mostert’s eclectic musicianship and instinctual production skills with Covino’s emotion-laden voice and thought-provoking lyrics results in a sound that is a high-energy journey through a dark and moody landscape. Stories are being told here and listeners with a keen ear, a good set of headphones, and an intuitive mind will enjoy the invitation to form the visual in their minds.

Mostert and Covino were signed EMI artists in an earlier life and together have writer/singer/guitarist and producer credits on twenty different HBO, Showtime and NBC TV shows and movies. Mostert is also the creator and CEO of the internationally successful GoGo Tuners brand instrument tuners, which connects him with many well-known talented musicians who periodically play on “In Theory” songs. Whether the drummer from Missing Persons, the church choir from Stevie Wonder songs, or even the legendary musicians responsible for creating the Muscle Shoals Sound, one never knows what to expect from “In Theory” and that is exactly the way the band likes it. The “In Theory” Band is ‘in the studio’ these days with plans to tour in the coming year or so.