In Theory Band
Mike Mostert – Producer/ Guitarist/ Writer
Tony Covino – Lead Vocals / Writer

Special Guests
Lanesha Latimer- (Stevie Wonder / Jennifer Lopez) – Background vocals
Andy Sanesi – (Missing Persons/ Frankie Valli) – Drums
Vinny Appice -( Black Sabbath/ Dio) – Drums
Justin Holder- Drums
Clayton Ivey- ( Muscle Shoals Legend/ Original Fame Gang)- Keyboards
Colin Lott- Bass( Grammy award winner for assistant engineer of the Rival Sons album for “Best Rock Record”
Thomas Maternik- Piret- Cello

Additional Choir
Katlyn Barnes Lott
Cindy Walker (Original Shoals sister)
Tim Cannon

Recorded East Avalon Recorders- Muscle Shoals
Chief Engineer – Charles Holloman

Additional background vocals Recorded at Speaker Vox, Oxnard California
Engineer – Daniel Valesco

Mastered by Maor Applebaum (Yes, Dream Theater, Eric Gales, etc etc)

If I had to choose one word to describe the new In Theory record, only one word comes to mind: Magical. Through every song on this album, you are taken on a ride like you have never experienced before. Tony’s voice is as smooth as a 100 year old bottle of bourbon, but as sharp as a scalpel, cutting through to the bone. Mike’s guitar playing is phenomenal. Whether it is the acoustic on Promised Land, or the screaming riffs of Raise Me Up, it will blow you away. Production is nuts. Mike adds elements that are seldom heard in today’s Rock Music. A choir, a Hammond B3, twelve string guitars, a string section, heavy drums, rattling bass guitar; things that are throwback to the great rock bands of old with a modern twist. This is a must listen and a must have record for anyone that loves great Rock music!
George Davis, KBHI Rock 107
What an honour to work with Mike Mostert & Tony Covino of IN THEORY!

Between Mike’s amazing guitar work and Tony’s powerful vocals, the chemistry of these two dynamos together is pure magic.
From Swampy Blues to Soulful Rock this album gets an A++ all the way around.

Best Bet Promotions, Best Bet Promotions
One of the best collections of music I’ve ever heard! Mike, Tony and company are some of the most talented people I’ve ever heard and this is just one of the finest recordings ever
Ryan Moomey, Mojo Rocks on
One of the best playing and recording I heard in long time… An Amazing Album
Ashes, DevilDriver / Static -X / Pretty Boy Floyd
Great playing and killer production! A mixed bag of songs tied together by amazing vocals. I’ve followed Mike & Tony for years and they’re at the top of their game here.
Joe Franco, Good Rats, Twisted Sister, Leslie West, Jack Bruce, Blues Saraceno, Vinnie Moore, Mariah Carey, Celine Dion, Diana Ross, Hall & Oates, Beatstreet Productions
I have listened to the songs I hadn’t already heard a bunch of times now… they all kick ass but my favorite of the batch is Raise Me Up. Outstanding!

Soulful, powerful, heartfelt vocals with beautiful instrumentation, great guitar riffs, and top notch production. The songs are well crafted and dripping with passion and sincerity. In Theory has it all! This album is a home run!

Ralph Rasmussen, Radio Bypass

In Theory is my favorite album of the year. The soulful vocals match with very interesting guitar parts and tones to produce an album you really shouldn’t miss. Love every minute of it! Very well done!

Perry Richardson, STRYPER

To all rock music lovers, welcome and prepare yourself to a new musical experience like none other.  A rock band that elevates songs musically, vocally, and lyrically on each note and captures your musical soul.  This rock band “In Theory” led by music architect Mike Mostert and power rock vocalist Tony Covino, have created a pristine debut album that is a 21st century fresh awakening.  Turn up your volume, close your eyes and be taken away by the opening track “The River.” This waterway comes alive!!  The originators of “Swamp Rock” like no other from the very first notes of the song. This theme of incredible musicianship of commanding power vocals, very on the spot explosive keyboard performance, highly energized guitar riffs, and mind-blowing backing vocals are the ingredients found throughout this musical recorded journey.  This record even contains what I believe is the newest rock anthem today called “Heroes.”  Overall, a very impressive combination of songwriting magic, total remarkable song production and diversity. If you’re a fan of Blues Rock with an element of Southern Soul, you will love this album. This debut album is spectacular!! Nothing in principle about this rock band, “In Theory” is about to take the world by storm!!

Pat Calamari, WBXO Classic Rock – Program Director / On Air Personality | Music Podcaster – Pat’s Soundbytes Unplugged!! | Music Interviewer – Pat’s Soundbytes IGTV and SQUID TV

The new release from In Theory takes you on a rock n roll journey. Sometimes spiritual, sometimes hypnotic and always emotional. There is a conviction contained within that begs to get out and groove into your musical soul. It will make a believer out of you.

Mark Skaar, KIOW Radio 107.3 FM | Program & Music Director / Host
You outdid yourself. Here’s a quote for you: “I’m not usually a hard rock guy, but this stuff is really cool. Michael brought his vision to life and people oughta give it a listen. If they do they’ll really love it”.
Clayton Ivey
I know Mike Mostert to be someone who knows music and is an accomplished player. His newest release with “In Theory” features powerhouse vocals from Tony Covino, legendary drummer Vinny Appice, vocalist LaNesha Latimer Cuevas (Stevie Wonder) and Mike Mostert on guitar. The projects is a well balanced album that is elegantly mixed with acoustic and electric tracks, all drawing you in to a masterful musical experience. The project was recorded at East Avalon Recorders in the iconic Muscle Shoals. Just goes to show, great music still pours out of Muscle Shoals. Bottom line, it’s a great album, well produced, recorded and performed. I’d make sure you get a copy of the new “In Theory” album, it’s one everyone should have.
Jimmy Warren, Guitar Talk
Impressive compilation of tunes, “Heros” and I really like “Right Where We Belong” are my favorites “This LP kicks ass!@“
Al Matchett, Spider Web Radio
Wow. That’s the truest connection to real Rock I’ve heard in a long time. You bring out the roots and origin of Blues meeting the electric guitar. And the Gospel choir? Amazing!!!! Love the acoustic mix of Promise Land. A 7 Bridges Road moment.
Arroe Collins, unplugged and totally uncut
The new In Theory album combines hard rock, soul and blues into an awesome audio experience. Mike Mostert and Tony Covino have given us some music to play on KMUZ (Salem, OR) and KYAC (Mill City, OR) for many years to come.
Eric Gessner
In Theory has delivered a powerful collection of rock n’ roll on their debut album.  Mike Mostert’s bluesy and powerful guitar work engulfs you, and Tony Covino’s soulful vocals hit you in a way only a select few vocalists can.  The background vocals, organ and rhythm section give this a classic feel that all the while manages to sound completely fresh.  The final track Promised Land states “gonna take me away”, which is exactly what this album does when you hit play.
Trent, Thunder Underground
Mike Mostert and Tony Covino, the driving force behind the “In Theory” Band have just released an incredible new album! Building from the likes of classic Zeppelin and Bluesy rock riffs, they have forged a unique sound all their own. The album contains an incredible sonic tapestry of Acoustic Guitars, Organ, amazing sounding Retro Distortion Guitars, Choir parts and more, coupled with great production and performances. The songs are great and fit perfectly with the earthiness and organic feel of the record. One of my favorites is “Right here Where We Belong” which I feel sums up this great work. A huge congrats!
Michael Angelo Batio
In today’s climate, I hear a perfect mix of Rock, gospel blues and funk from the band ‘In Theory’ Nice one Mike, wishing you much success on your new efforts. Nice production,  performance from all musicians and songs 🤙
Oni Logan - Lynch Mob
The In Theory record is filled with incredible riff rock songs!  Great musicianship and vocals with a roots rock approach to a  70s/80s sound.
Mark Knight, Bang Tango
I have had the pleasure to listen to new in theory record 2021 I listen to all seven cuts and love them all, as a programmer you’re always looking for a secret weapon in your playlist, and this is it! I can’t seem to stop listening, I think your primary listeners will feel the same! So I recommend and endorse new in the theory record 2021
Kevin Casey, Program Director | Withers Broadcasting
Not sure where I even start with this one. Imagine all of your favorite food on one plate. In Theory is the musical equivalent of that. There are seven tasty dishes that any fan of rock, soul, and blues will surely gorge themselves on.

Guitarist Mike Mostert and vocalist Tony Covino have written these songs to perfectly accommodate the elements that define their sound, and they’ve gotten some legendary talent to bring all of it to life. Aside from Mostert’s great feel and expertise with the guitar and Covino’s saucy, soulful, and gripping vocals, In Theory brings talent like Missing Persons and Frankie Valli drummer Andy Sanesi and incomparable Muscle Shoals keyboardist Clayton Ivey. The ever-present Hammond B3 that vibrates and shakes through this record is spellbinding. Ivey is a legendary player because of his ability to play, but he’s also legendary because he knows when not to play. The wailing strains of his organ are perfectly placed, so when you hear them you also feel them slither down your spine. Clayton Ivey and his contribution may very well be the plate that these seven tasty songs sit upon.

Vocalist Tony Covino is a powerhouse. Plain and simple. Talents like Paul Rodgers, David Coverdale, and Graham Bonnet come to mind when I think about voices that are driven by their soul. Covino has that same fire. So, when Covino is alone inside a song as he is with “Memories,” he’s very effective. But when he’s joined by Stevie Wonder singer LaNesha Latimer, it feels like a religious experience taking place at the peak of Mt. Sinai. Latimer is the perfect seasoning and spice wherever she appears, and she is heard in generous amounts here. Between Latimer and some additional choir singers (which include Cindy Walker, an original Shoals sister), the soul of this record is something to behold.

The bulk of this music was recorded at East Avalon Recorders in Muscle Shoals, with mastering done by the brilliant Maor Applebaum (Yes, Dream Theater, etc.). Some other names that appear in the credits of the record are drummer Vinny Appice (Black Sabbath, Dio, etc.) and Grammy winner Colin Lott on bass. The list of worthy contributors is endless here, and the sound and spirit of the songs reflect every drop of the talent involved.

Whether it’s the swampy blues of “The River,” the amped up heaviness of “Heroes,” or the poignant tenderness of “Memories,” there is a buffet of gourmet treats to feast on here. Sit down at the table, say some grace, and use this heavy record to gain some musical weight.

Scott Itter,
In Theory
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We are honored we have been invited to perform at this event !! Mike Mostert and Tony Covino of In Theory
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Just announced we can’t wait !! It’s an honor to share the stage with legends #mollyhatchetband Grab your balloons and let’s rock and roll !! @intheoryoriginal @mollyhatchetband #liverockmusic #itsloud 💯🔥